HONEYWELL|TK-PRR021 51309288-475| Redundancy Module

 Redundancy Module
  • Brand/ Manufacturer:

  • Manufacturer Part Number:

     TK-PRR021 51309288-475
  • Additional Information:

    Redundancy Module
  • Condition:

    Brand New Factory Sealed - Original
  • Availability:

  • Warranty:

    12 Months
  • Estimated Weight:

    1 kg
  • Country of Origin:

    United States
  • HS Code:

  • Shipping:

    Worldwide by DHL /Fedex /TNT / UPS
  • Product Detail

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Basic Info

Manufacturer :HONEYWELL

Part number :TK-PRR021 51309288-475

Desription : Redundancy Module

Country of origin :The USA

Shipping port: Xiamen

Shipment : EMS,DHL,UPS & FEDEX

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