• Spring Festival holiday notice
    Spring Festival holiday notice The annual Spring Festival is approaching, and I wish everyone a happy new year! According to the 2024 statutory holiday arrangement issued by the State Council, combined with our company's actual situation According to the international situation, the Spring Festival will be closed in 2024. The specific arrangements and notifications are as follows: The holiday period is 8 days from February 9th, 2024 to February 16th, 2024; February 17th, 2024 (the eighth day of the lunar calendar) is the official working time. On February 4th (Sunday) and February 18th (Sunday), supplementary shifts will be provided To celebrate the Spring Festival, we offer customers more discounted products and welcome you to inquire about them General Electric Bently Nevada Honeywell IC693ACC310 133819-01 10201/2/1 IC693CBL305 135137-01 10002/1/2 IC693CPU364 140471-01 10005/1/1 IC693CPU372 140482-01 10012/1/2 IC693DSM302 147663-01 10014/1/1 IC693MDL330 149992-01 10014/H/F IC693MDL645 149992-02 10100/2/1 IC693MDL646 125680-01 10101/2/1 IC693MDL740 125840-02 TK-OAV061 IC693MDL752 133819-01 10313/1/1 IC693MDL753 136188-02 FTA-T-08 IC693MDL753 140471-01 FTA-T-15 IC693PBS105 149992-01 FTA-T-21 IC695PSA040 172103-01 SB3610-B Contact info Sales Manager:May Skype : +86-18106909650 | Wechat : dcsfcs Email : | WhatsApp : +86-18106909650 website :
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  • Emerson Chosen as Automation Partner For Korea’s Largest EV Lithium-Ion Battery Recycler
    Emerson Chosen as Automation Partner For Korea’s Largest EV Lithium-Ion Battery Recycler Collaboration with SungEel HiTech to advance operational excellence at company’s expanding sustainable battery recycling facility SEOUL, South Korea (Dec. 11, 2023) – Global automation technology and software leader Emerson (NYSE: EMR) has been selected by Korea’s SungEel HiTech Co., Ltd., a specialist in lithium-ion battery recycling, to provide advanced automation solutions in support of sustainable production and operational efficiency goals at the newest of three lithium-ion recycling plants located at SungEel’s Hydro Center complex in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do. Through the combination of Emerson’s process automation technology and SungEel HiTech's unique battery recycling methods, the collaboration aims to establish a robust resource cycle that will help enable a more stable supply of battery materials for electric vehicles in pursuit of bolstering the world's overall production capacity. “Our automation portfolio and expertise are empowering our customers to optimize and scale the circular economy for critical battery components, a key step toward meeting global net-zero targets head-on,” said Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer. SungEel HiTech operates a comprehensive battery recycling ecosystem across nine global locations, including a recycling park for collection and pretreatment and a hydrometallurgical battery material production facility at the Gunsan Hydro Center. The upcoming third Hydro Center plant will be triple the size of the first two, contributing to increased production capacity that can supply raw materials for approximately 400,000 electric vehicles each year. “As the battery recycling market continues to grow, the significance of automation solutions to improve productivity and process efficiency is increasingly apparent," said ChenFai Chung, vice president and general manager for Emerson in North Asia. “We are proud to work with an innovative leader like SungEel HiTech to contribute to the advancement of battery recycling technology." Emerson will supply advanced instrumentation and valve solutions that provide the high levels of performance, accuracy and reliability required for the advanced proprietary hydrometallurgical processes that SungEel HiTech uses. The package will include a variety of flow, level, pressure, and pH sensors and transmitters, as well as robust control valves that are critical to safe and reliable operations. Amikon offer you [Bently Nevada / ABB / Allen-Bradley / ICS / TRICONEX / Honeywell / Foxboro / GE / Siemens / Emerson / Ovation / Westinghouse / Epro / Yokogawa / Yaskawa / Schneider / HIMA / B&R / Woodward] BENTLY NEVADA SIEMENS TRICONEX 330910-05-11-10-02-00 6ES5430-4UA12 4000094-310 330104-03-06-05-02-00 6ES5451-4UA12 4000093-320 330104-05-15-05-02-00 6ES5460-4UA11 4000093-310 330101-00-60-10-02-00 6ES5460-4UA12 4000098-510 330101-00-56-10-02-00 6ES5470-4UB12 4000103-520 330103-00-03-10-...
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  • Amikon prepare for Christmas
    ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS The origins of Christmas stem from both the pagan and Roman cultures. The Romans actually celebrated two holidays in the month of December. The first was Saturnalia, which was a two-week festival honoring their god of agriculture Saturn. On December 25th, they celebrated the birth of Mithra, their sun god. Both celebrations were raucous, drunken parties. Also in December, in which the darkest day of the year falls, the pagan cultures lit bonfires and candles to keep the darkness at bay. The Romans also incorporated this tradition into their own celebrations. As Christianity spread across Europe, the Christian clergy were not able to curb the pagan customs and celebrations. ince no one knew Jesus’s date of birth, they adapted the pagan ritual into a celebration of His birthday. Contact May to get gift! Skype Wechat Email WhatsApp +86-18106909650 dcsfcs +86-18106909650 Amikon offer below items with Christmas discount! ✦Allen-Bradley( Rockwell )Series : 1756/1747/1746 Series ✦Schneider(Schneider Electric)Series : 140 Series ✦General electric(General Electric)Series : IC693/IC697/IC695/DS200.. ✦Westinghouse Series : 1C/5X  ... ✦Siemens : 6DD/6DP/6ES5/6DR/6GK Series ✦Woodward : SPC valve position controller, PEAK15 digital controller ✦Foxboro:FBM203/204/217/231, FCP240/270 ✦Bently Nevada:3500/3300/330180-Cable.. ✦ Triconex:3008/3511/3625/3664/3721/3700A.. ✦Honeywell:51/MU/MC/TC/CC ... ✦ABB:Industrial robot parts of DSQC series,Bailey INFI90, DCS(AI810, DI810 PM645), S900I/O OCS(07KT97/98,07AC) GENERAL ELECTRIC SIEMENS BENTLY NEVADA DS200ADGIH1AAA 6GK1500-0DA00 50Х138 330106-05-30-05-02-05 DS200ADPBG1ABB 6EP1353-2BA00 330106-05-30-05-02-00 DS200CDBAG1ACA 6SL3201-0BE21-0AA0 330105-02-12-90-02-05 DS200CPCAG1ABB 6GK7443-5DX04-0XE0 330105-02-12-10-02-05 DS200CTBAG1ADD 6ES7400-0HR04-4AB0 330105-02-12-10-02-00 DS200DCFBG2BNC 6EP1334-2AA01-0AB0 330105-02-12-05-02-00 DS200DDTBG2ABB 6ES7214-1AE30-0XB0 330104-19-25-10-11-05 DS200DMCBG1AJE 6ES7315-2AF03-0AB0 330104-15-23-10-02-00 DS200DTBAG1AAA 6AV6643-0AA01-1AX0 330104-14-24-10-02-00 DS200DTB BG1ABB 6ES7222-1HF30-0XB0 330104-13-20-10-02-00
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  • Amikon Team Building
    Amikon holds a yacht party for celebrating birthday. All our team members are enthusiastic and friendly Welcome to join us one day! Need an automation or control part quickly? Amikon gives you access to a world of quality spares and services at your fingertips. Our world, made possible by manufacturing. Manufacturing made possible by Amikon Free consultation Sales Manager:May Skype Wechat Email WhatsApp +86-18106909650 dcsfcs +86-18106909650 Whether you need renewal parts, Amikon is your solution. GE FANUC Woodward Bently nevada Honeywell IS200WETBH1BAA 5417-175 990-08-XX-01-00 51304754-150 IS200WETBH1ABA 5441-693 990-05-50-02-01 51305865-275 IS200VTURH2BAC 5453-203 990-04-70-01-00 51305887-150 IS200VTCCH1CBD 5460-667 990-04-50-02-00 51305900-175 IS200VCRCH1BBC 5461-648 9200-06-05-05-00 51306733-175 IS200VAICH1DAB 5461-655 5300-08-050-03-00 51307149-175 IS200VAICH1CBA 5462-718 3500/93 135799-02 51308307-175 IS200TGENH1A 5462-757 3500/77M 140734-07 51308363-175 IS200TBACIH1B 5462-916 3500/64M 176449-05 51309218-175 IS200EXHSG3AEB 5463-581 3500/60 163179-01 51309288-375 IS200IGPAG2AED 5464-211 3500/53M 286566-01 51402573-150 IS200EXAMG1AAB 5464-643 3500/45 176449-04 51405039-175 IS200ERGTH1AAA 5466-352 3500/40M 140734-01 51405040-175
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  • ABB and Porsche team up to drive forward e-mobility
    Recently, ABB Robot and Porsche Management Consulting Company announced a pilot cooperation project, which aims to develop automated innovation applications in modular housing manufacturing and further promote the automation process of the construction industry. With the general shortage of labor and skill talents, this cooperation will help meet the market's demand for more economical and sustainable buildings, and reduce the impact of architecture on the environment. Eberhard Weiblen, chairman of the Porsche Management Consultation Executive Board, said, "The construction industry is facing many challenges, and highly automated construction factories will provide higher quality and more reasonable prices. We hope to combine ABB's leading robot solutions and we are in Planning and operating professional knowledge in modern factory to promote this important industry change. " Ma Sikang, the global president of ABB robot business, added: "We believe that by realizing the automation of the modular component manufacturing process, we have the opportunity The problem, this cooperation will help improve production efficiency, achieve a greater degree of customization, and promote more sustainable and more efficient buildings. " The shortage of labor in the construction industry [1] has always been very prominent. In many countries, this has become a key factor that leads to insufficient housing supply. Taking the United States as an example, insufficient labor force has led to nearly 4 million sets of housing shortages [2]; in Germany, it is expected that by 2030, there will be insufficient housing supply in 35 cities. [3] [1] EUROPA.EU Report (EUROPA.EU) [2] Housing supply: increasingly expanding gap -freddie Mac [3] Deutsche Bank, 2023 housing market outlook >>>RFQ FOR ABB Sales Manager:May Skype Wechat Email WhatsApp +86-18106909650 dcsfcs +86-18106909650 The traditional construction industry is trying to meet people's demand for new houses. At the same time, improving the environmental performance and efficiency of buildings, and seeking more sustainable building methods is also put on the agenda. These measures include reducing the transportation of raw materials to the construction site, and the corresponding costs and influences of unnecessary materials and waste. It is estimated that this proportion is as high as 25%of the materials transported to the construction site. The modular building will further reduce the waste of materials and reduce the number of working days lost due to bad weather conditions, thereby improving production efficiency. In addition, the factory provides a safer and more comfortable working environment, while construction workers in the traditional construction industry account for about 30%of the number of workers' injuries. The probability of a fatal accident is four times that of other industries. [1] [1] 2015 International Labor Organization The construction industry has obviously lag behi...
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  • German companies have accelerated the transition to robots to relieve the problem of labor shortage
    According to official data, as of June this year, there were about 1.7 million positions in Germany.  The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) estimates that this labor shortage causes a loss of nearly 100 billion euros each year.  Due to the retirement of the infant tide generation, the number of German working population will be reduced by 7 million by 2035, according to the forecast of the Federal Employment Bureau. S & D Blech is a typical example. They will use robots to replace the grinding heads of grinding devices, because almost no one is willing to engage in such dirty and dangerous jobs.  This is because the grinding machine will generate high heat and continuous noise, and it is also dangerous. Henning School, Managing Director of the company, said that it is very difficult to find a new person in charge of this position because it is a discounted job. With the continuous development of robotics, robots have become cheaper and easy to operate.  Germany has become the world's fourth largest robotic market and the largest robot market in Europe.  In addition to large industrial companies, small and medium -sized enterprises such as baked stores, laundry and supermarkets have also begun to use robots. According to the International Robotics Federation, about 26,000 robots were installed in Germany last year, which is far more than the level of 2018. Ralph Winkerman, general manager of the German Fa Nako company, said robots can help those companies facing risks due to employees to survive.  More than half of their robot sales are to small and medium -sized enterprises.  In addition, more and more robotic manufacturers provide user -friendly interfaces, so that robots do not need tedious programming skills. In addition to small and medium -sized enterprises, some large manufacturing companies also use robotic technology, such as trucks and bus manufacturers Daimler trucks.  They mainly use robots to help carry heavy objects and solve employee health problems, but they also emphasize that robots cannot replace human flexibility, especially in the process of complex and highly personalized production. A spokesman for the strong Ig Metall union of Germany said that using robots as part of the long -term corporate strategy will help improve the working environment and make the work healthier, interesting and safe, rather than to quickly reduce costs. In general, German companies are actively dealing with the problem of labor shortage, and use automation and robotics to improve production efficiency, maintain competitiveness, and ensure long -term sustainable development.  This trend also reflects the rules of advanced automation technology that is changing the work world worldwide, which may affect other developed economies.
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  • Emerson Expands Automation Leadership With Agreement to Acquire Flexim
    Emerson Expands Automation Leadership With Agreement to Acquire Flexim August 16, 2023 – Emerson (NYSE: EMR) today announced a definitive agreement to acquire FLEXIM Flexible Industriemeßtechnik GmbH (“Flexim”), a global leader in clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement for liquids, gases and steam. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Flexim brings highly differentiated, complementary technology and strong customer relationships to Emerson, with an installed base of more than 100,000 flowmeters, as well as approximately 450 employees.  Flexim provides highly accurate, low-maintenance clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement technology for a broad range of attractive end markets, including chemical, water & wastewater, life sciences, food & beverage, and power generation.  The transaction will expand Emerson’s automation portfolio and measurement capabilities, complementing its existing flow measurement positions in Coriolis, differential pressure, magmeter and vortex flow measurement. Underpinned by favorable end market growth and technology leadership, the global ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter market is expected to grow in the high single digits annually longer-term.  Upon the close of the transaction, Flexim’s Berlin headquarters is planned to become Emerson’s Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Center of Excellence. The transaction is expected to close by the end of Emerson’s fiscal 2023, subject to customary closing conditions. Flexim is expected to be accretive to Emerson’s sales growth, gross margins and adjusted EBITA margins.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Flexim will be reported in Emerson’s Measurement & Analytical segment. For the transaction, Evercore is serving as financial advisor and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP is serving as legal advisor.
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  • Happy China National Day
    2023 Chinese National Day Holiday – Golden Week China National Day, officially the National Day of the People's Republic of China, is annually celebrated on October 1st to commemorate the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Chinese people enjoy a 7-day holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th, which is known as Golden Week. There are usually many activities held around the country, especially in Beijing. It is a peak time for Chinese people to travel at home and abroad. National Day holiday is fixed at October 1–7 with adjacent weekend days being mandatory workdays to make up for the lost time. The History of China's National Day On October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was inaugurated. An official victory celebration and ceremony were held in Tian'anmen Square. Mao Zedong raised the first Communist national flag of China in person amid 300,000 soldiers and other people who were gathered at the square. In 2023, the holiday dates are Oct. 1st to 7th, 2023. People will be on duty on Oct. 8 (Sat) and Oct. 9 (Sun). This one-week period is also called "golden week" because it is the biggest week for tourism in China when people have a week off to reunite with families and take trips. Many tourist attractions raise tickets prices, prices of flights and hotel rooms soar during National Day Golden Week. Recommened National Day Holiday Tours: 5-Day Lhasa Classics and Lake Yamdrok Tour — Lhasa Highlights and Holy Lake 5-Day Daocheng and Yading Tour — Walk in Fairy Tales of Autumn 7-Day Dunhuang, Zhangye, and Ejina Photography Tour 2-Day Jiankou Wild Great Wall Camping Tour SIEMENS Honeywell Yokogawa 6ES5312-3AB31 51109693-100B AAI135-H00 S1 6ES5316-8FA12 51195153-001 AAI135-H03 S1 6ES5374-1KH21 51195153-005 AAI141-H00 S1 6ES5526-3LG0 51195153-902 AAI141-H03 S1 6ES5535-3LB12 51195199-010 AAI835-H00 S1 6ES5927-3SA12 51196041-100 AAI835-H03 S1 6ES5928-3UA11 51196694-928 AAI841-H00 S1 6ES5946-3UA22 51305430-100 AAI841-H03 S1 6ES5946-3UA23 51109693-100B ADR541-P10 S1 6ES5947-3UA22 51304812-200 ADR541-P11 S1 6DD1600-0AK0 51202324-300 ADR541-S00 S1 6DD1606-1AA0 51202329-102 ADV141-P10 S1 6DD1606-2AC0 51202329-112 ADV141-P12 S1 6DD1610-0AG1 51202329-202 ADV141-P13 S1 6DD1640-0AC0 51202329-212 ADV141-S12 S1 6DD1661-0AB1 51202329-402 ADV141-S13 S1 6DD1662-0AB0 51202329-602 ADV142-P10 S1 6DD1670-0AF0 51202329-616 ADV142-P13 S1 To celebrate National Day, the biggest promotion is coming. You can contact May Skype : +86-18106909650 | Wechat : dcsfcs Email : | WhatsApp : +86-18106909650 Website :
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  • Welcome to the Mid-Autumn Festival
    What Is the Mid-Autumn Festival? Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important traditional festival in China after the Chinese New Year. The main essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival focuses on family, prayers, and thanksgiving. The moon cake is a must-eat food at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese people will have a 3-day holiday during the Mooncake Festival. The Moon Festival story is associated with the Chinese Moon Goddess - Chang'e. How to Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival? Customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China focus on thanksgiving, praying, and family reunions. Here are the top 6 ways to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. 1. Reuniting with Family 2. Admiring the Full Moon 3. Eating Moon Cakes 4. Lighting and Hanging up Lanterns Amikon offer discount on Automation products Bently Nevada Prosoft Yokogawa Honeywell 149992-01 MVI46-GSC AAI141-S00 10006/2/1 125680-01 MVI46-MBP AAM10 10008/2/U 125720-01 MVI46-MNET AAM50 10012/1/2 125760-01 MVI56-AFC AIP502 10014/1/1 125768-01 MVI56-DFCM AIP512 10020/1/2 125840-02 MVI56-GEC F3RP45-2P/L1 10101/2/1 128229-01 MVI56-HART AI-917-00 10300/1/1 128240-01 MVI56-MCMR VF701 S2 10302/2/1 133323-01 MVI56-MNET PW481-50 10006/2/1 133396-01 MVI69-DFNT NP53*A 10005/1/1 133819-01 MVI69L-MBS NP53*C 10004/H/F Welcome to inquiry us (Sales manager:May  || Email: (Whatsapp: +86 18106909650 || Wechat:dcsfcs)
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