520422000| Schneider |Trunk terminator

Trunk terminator

  • Brand/ Manufacturer:

    Schneider Electric
  • Manufacturer Part Number:

  • Additional Information:

    Trunk terminator
  • Condition:

    New and original in stock
  • Availability:

  • Warranty:

    12 months
  • Estimated Weight:

    2 Kg
  • Country of Origin:

  • HS Code:

  • Shipping:

    Worldwide by DHL /Fedex /TNT / UPS
  • Product Detail

Amikon provide more details for item:

Part number:520422000

Manufacturer: Schneider

Description:Trunk terminator

Country of orign:France

Amikon promise to every client:

Availability : Order now for immediate ship via DHL, UPS, Fedex,TNT ;

Payment : 100% T/T for stock items before shipping;

Warranty : All new or repaired parts have a 12-month Warranty;

Service : 24/7 Online Service,Brand new and original packing;

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BENTLY NEVADA 330103-00-16-10-01-00

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